Hong Kong Island Region Flag Day – August 10, 2019 Volunteer Registration Form

Important notice: According to Laws of Hong Kong, any person taking up employment in Hong Kong, whether on paid or unpaid (volunteer) basis, must possess Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or valid work permit issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong.
*Please check the two boxes below to complete the registration.

Personal Particulars

*Compulsory information
# Names should be identical to those on your identification document for insurance and certificate purpose.
*Please select
Below 14 (Volunteers aged under 14 will share one flag bag with parent/guardian)
18 or above
*Please choose your preferred location
  1. Volunteer under 14 will need to be accompanied by parent or guardian in order to conduct flag selling in public places.
  2. Volunteer aged between 14 and 17 will need to submit Parent/Guardian Letter in advance.
  3. Volunteer can only conduct flag selling from 7:00am to 12:00nn on August 10, 2019.
  4. Volunteer aged from 1-80 will be covered by insurance.
  5. All flag bags must be returned to designated location at designated time slot on August 10, 2019.
  6. Email will be sent to volunteers in July for flag bag collection arrangement.
  7. This flag selling event is endorsed by Social Welfare Department. (Public Subscription Permit No.: FD/R047/2019)
Emergency Contact
*Where did you get to know about the volunteer recruitment news of this Flag Day? (Please “√” as appropriate)
For more information, please visit the OPCFHK website.

  1. I possess Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or valid work permit issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong.
  2. I hereby agree to work in agreed flag selling locations as a volunteer for a specific period without remuneration.
  3. I shall be responsible for my own safety while working as a volunteer in agreed flag selling locations. I shall not engage in any kind of activities which may cause injury to myself and/or to other people. If I am concerned about the safety of any work assigned to me, or notice any unsafe working condition, I shall inform my manager immediately.
  4. I do not have personal or business interests that are in conflict with my work with Ocean Park or Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK). I shall inform my manager if such a conflict developed during my volunteering period.
  5. I/We have also read the Personal Information Collection Statement of OPCFHK, including the information about the use of my/our personal data in direct marketing.
  6. I/We allow OPCFHK market products, services, activities and other subjects to me/us (primarily consumer products and services offered by OPCFHK or its business associations or partners).
    I/We refuse OPCFHK to provide direct marketing to me/us.
  7. I/We understand the purpose and usage of my personal data from the Personal Information Collection Statement. I/We understand that my personal information collected with this form is for flag selling day volunteer management purposes.
  8. I/We hereby understand that OPCFHK will arrange photographers to take photos of volunteers during the Flag Day event; and I/we agree OPCFHK has the ownership and the right to use these photos and videos for the promotion of OPCFHK, including, but not limited to, monthly e-newsletter, website, annual reports, etc.
  9. The personal data provided by you to Ocean Park Conversation Foundation, Hong Kong will be collected and used for insurance purpose and certificate distribution; data will be destroyed within 3 months after the event.